Bartender, make mine a double

Bartender, make mine a double

05/26/2013 11:37pm

Characters: Ada Sierra
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1. Ada is at the bar waiting for the bartender to finish making their drinks. SFX: Shattering glass coming from off screen

2. A large panel (twice the size of panel 1). A classically caped, brightly colored superhero has been knocked into the restaurant, colliding with a (thankfully unoccupied) table. Superhero to villain offscreen: You won’t get away that easily this time!

3. Ada is holding onto her drinks as a breeze from the Superhero’s dramatic exit threatens to knock them over. A waiter scurries in the background to clean up the mess

4. Ada returns to the table with the drinks and sets one in front of Sierra. Ada: I just want something like that in my life. Something bigger than an office job.

5. Sierra, facepalming, over Ada’s shoulder Sierra: You know you’re completely insane, right? Ada: Yeah...