Drinks With a Friend

Drinks With a Friend

05/19/2013 11:25pm

Characters: Ada Sierra
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1. Ada and her friend, Sierra sit at a tall bar table in a fairly nice looking bar. Both are drinking cocktails Sierra: You signed up as a villain? Ada, looking sheepish: I don’t know, it just sounded more exciting. Plus this way the strangers I’m meeting have sworn to uphold the law.

2. Over Sierra’s shoulder. Ada is looking down at her drink Sierra: Does that mean you’re going to be committing crimes? Kidnapping babies and snatching purses? Ada: No I mean...I don’t want to hurt anyone, I just thought it would be fun to plan heists and make dramatic monologues. Bond villains always get the best speeches

3. Same framing as panel 1 Ada: Anyway, no one is going to pick me as their arch enemy. My powers aren’t even very useful. I’m just worried I’m wasting my time at a boring office job

4. Over Ada’s shoulder. Sierra is mock-frowning at Ada Sierra: As your normal, non-super powered coworker: ouch! I think you have to get me the next round for that jab.

5. Ada walks away from their table towards the bar Ada: Round two coming right up