Meet the Gang

Meet the Gang

07/28/2013 12:01am

So, as I am going camping this weekend in a dark nether region where the internet does not reach, hopefully this post posts correctly on Sunday without me. MY FIRST TIME QUEUING! So exciting! I hope this post from the past finds everyone and the world alive and well.

Characters: Ada Alfie B Greg Katie Mike Rory Y
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Panel 1 Exterior, Night. Ada is standing in front of a dive bar called "The Lightning." Neon signs and posters for local bands adorn the walls. Ada is carrying a gym bag with her. The reader can't tell, but it contains her costume - she's not going to be caught without it again.

Panel 2 Interior of the bar. Very dark still. Patrons on bar stools lean over their drinks. Neon "lightning" tracks run across the ceiling, the only source of illumination aside from lights behind the bar. The bartender (short, male, intense beard) cocks an eyebrow at Ada BARTENDER:YOU HERE TO MEET SOMEONE? ADA:WELL, THERE'S SOMEONE THAT I KNOW. I MEAN I DON'T REALLY KNOW HER BUT THERE'S THIS INTERNET SITE - VOICE FROM OFFSCREEN, SHOCKINGLY LOUD:HEY, ASSHOLE!

Panel 3 Direct shot of the bar. Ada is on one side of the bartender. Next to her is the bartender, and on the other side of him is the voice from panel 2, belonging to a tall, but nicely dressed (for the establishment at least) black woman - Rory. RORY:WHY ARE YOU GIVING HER SHIT, GREG? SHE'S HERE FOR THE MEET. GREG:REALLY? HUH, IF YOU SAY SO. RORY: I DO, AND DON'T FORGET WHO BRINGS CUSTOMERS INTO THIS HELLHOLE(TO ADA)YOU'RE DEAD RINGER, RIGHT? COME ON, WE'RE JUST GETTING STARTED GREG (UNDER HIS BREATH):THERE'S A 3 DRINK MINIMUM BY THE WAY

Panel 4 Ada and Rory walk into a more private room. It's better lit and less intimidating of a place. There are about 8 folks here, mostly young, looking like they belong to various subcultures, all talking intimately. Two or three of them are playing a card game. RORY:I'M RORY, I SET UP THESE MEETINGS. DON'T WORRY ABOUT TELLING US YOUR REAL NAME IF YOU DON'T WANT TO, BUT THIS IS A SAFE SPACE. THE OWNER USED TO BE ONE OF US. ADA:OH, HI THEN. I'M ADA. I'M STILL GETTING USED TO USING MY ALIAS. RORY: YOU'LL GET USED TO IT. LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE GANG. (RORY RAISES HER VOICE, SIMILAR VOCAL EFFECT TO PANEL 2, BUT MUCH LESS DRAMATIC)GUYS, LISTEN UP

Panel 5 A wide panel, artificially broken up by gutters to separate the various villains, but a continuous image. Rory gestures to a bald guy in a sleeveless leather jacket with a radioactive symbol tattooed on his arm RORY:THIS IS HOT SPOT, A.K.A. MIKE He Smiles and waves Rory gestures at a preppy 30-something blonde, not unlike Sierra sitting next to him RORY:THIS IS KATIE. SHE USED TO GO BY 'THE INTERROGATOR' BUT SHE'S BETWEEN NAMES NOW KATIE:WHAT DO YOU THINK OF JUST 'THE MONITOR?' CROWD:EHHHHH Rory walks over to a young man who can't be older than 20 ALFIE:HI, I'M ALFIE. I'M PRETTY NEW TO THIS TOO At the end of the table, playing cards against each other are a well dressed man and woman. Their suits are accented by sharp details of color. His is cerulean, hers is a sickly yellow RORY: THESE TWO JUST GO BY B AND Y. THEY'RE MORE RESERVED THAN THE REST OF US, BUT THEY'RE GOOD PEOPLE WELL, THEY’RE PEOPLE. I THINK.