Minor Acts of Villainy

Minor Acts of Villainy

06/23/2013 05:05am

Hope it isn’t all going to her head.

Characters: Ada Tags: villiany
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Panel 1 Part of Ada's account on Plenty of Powers fills the panel. It shows all or part of her profile picture, an action shot taken at the mall during previous events. It also shows an icon in the shape of a classic "pow" comic bubble that says "New Messages" with a brightly colored 1 in it.

Panel 2 Broken down into however many panels needed, this is a vignette of Ada copying coins to use in the vending machine for a soda. As she walks away with it, a faint "Pib" noise (or several) is heard from the machine

Panel 3 A smaller version of panel 1, just showing that Ada now has 4 messages on her account

Panel 4 Another multi-panel vignette. Ada pushes a coworker's chair out of the way and makes a copy of it in its place. When the coworker goes to sit down, the chair "pib"s out of existence, and the coworker falls on their butt, looking quite confused. Ada peaks over the cubicle wall giggling.