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Quick Change Artist

08/25/2013 07:02am

Turnabout is fair play.

Characters: Ada Split Second Tags: bad date first date
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Panel 1 Medium shot of the dinner table where Ada and Split Second are sitting. They both have drinks in front of them. Ada is smiling excitedly after seeing Split Second demonstrate her powers. SS has a bit of a wry grin on her face, proud of herself SPLIT SECOND:WELL, YOU'VE SEEN ME IN ACTION. WHAT DO YOU BRING TO THE TABLE?

Panel 2 1/4 size of normal panel. A close up of SS sipping at her beverage, still keeping an eye on Ada ADA (OFF SCREEN):I CAN MAKE AN EXACT COPY OF YOUR DRINK...

Panel 3 1/4 size of normal panel. A drink *bip*s onto the table between Ada and SS

Panel 4 1/4 size of normal panel. A close up shot of the bowtied waiter from the previous page ADA (OFF SCREEN):OR A COPY OF HIS BOWTIE, STILL TIED

Panel 5 1/4 size of normal panel. A bowtie (still tied) *bip*s into place, next to the drink, which doesn't vanish. Ada has been practicing a bit to keep multiple things copied at once

Panel 6 Medium close up of SS. She looks a little annoyed and a little disappointed at this display of powers SPLIT SECOND:THAT'S OKAY I GUESS, BUT CAN'T YOU DO SOMETHING MORE EVIL? COPY A GUN AND TAKE HOSTAGES, OR AT LEAST USE SOMEONE ELSE'S CREDIT CARD TO PAY FOR OUR DRINKS

Panel 7 Medium shot, both Ada and Split Second visible across the table from each other. Ada is looking down at the table, embarrassed that she's disappointed SS. ADA:I THINK MAYBE YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A DIFFERENT KIND OF VILLAIN SPLIT SECOND:... I THINK I NEED TO GO USE THE RESTROOM

Panel 8 Vertical split panel. Split Second enters the women's restroom.

Panel 9 Vertical split panel w/ panel 8. Split Second leaves the women's restroom, now changed into civilian clothes. It's a silly idea that it will disguise her, since she doesn't wear a mask, and her clothes are even the same color scheme as her costume was.

Panel 10 Medium shot of Ada at the table. In the distance, SS is trying subtly sneak out of the restaurant without Ada noticing. Ada clearly knows what's going on though, the ruse has failed. Ada is less embarrassed now and more annoyed with how rude a "good guy" can be. ADA (SARCASTICALLY):I DON'T THINK I'LL EVER BE EVIL ENOUGH FOR SUCH AN UPSTANDING, HONEST PERSON LIKE THAT.