She is… but it’s not what you think

She is… but it’s not what you think

08/18/2013 12:01am

Characters: Ada Split Second
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Panel 1 Split Second and Ada are at a restaurant, sitting at a table. Both are decked out in costumes. Split Second's is clock themed, unsurprisingly. Blue and Gold motif, very silver age style superhero. There are cocktails on the table in front of them, mostly empty already. SPLIT SECOND:SO BETWEEN MY SHORT TERM CLAIRVOYANCE AND MY SUPERHUMAN REFLEXES, I WAS ABLE TO RESCUE THE ORPHANS FROM THE BURNING BUILDING. ADA:AND THAT'S WHEN YOU GOT THE MEDAL FROM THE MAYOR?

Panel 2 Near shot of Split Second, telling her well-rehearsed story and enjoying telling it to someone new, especially someone as interested as Ada. Over her shoulder a waiter walks in with meals on a tray. SPLIT SECOND:YEAH THE MEDALS I GOT ARE ACTUALLY HANGING FROM MY REAR VIEW MIRROR. OF COURSE, WITH ENOUGH FAME NONE OF THE - HOLD ON

Panel 3 The next 3 panels are smaller, located in roughly the corresponding spot. Behind is blank, this is a instantaneous glimpse at action that only takes an instant to happen.Close up on a waiter's foot, striking a patron's chair

Panel 4 Close up of the waiter's head, panic in his face

Panel 5 Close up of the tray slipping out of his hand

Panel 6 Close up of Ada’s face, covered in drink

Panel 7 Same close up of waiter’s head

Panel 8 A blue and gold blur surrounds the table. Plates are served properly and aside from the waiters head sticking up from above the table (he's on his knees from falling) you couldn't tell anything disastrous nearly happened

Panel 9 Medium shot of Ada and Split Second at the table. Split Second is holding the tray balanced vertically on the surface of their table. She's holding a cocktail in the other looking quite poised SPLIT SECOND: CHEERS!

Panel 10 Ada and split second, large heads ADA: :WOW, YOU MUST BE IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT AT ROCK PAPER SCISSORS