What light through yonder monitor

What light through yonder monitor

06/02/2013 11:39pm

Characters: Ada Tags: plenty of powers
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1. Full length narrow panel, showing an excerpt from a personal message on Plenty of Powers. The message is from “SupaDanx420” “Ayo girl let me fight dat ass”

2. Same proportions as panel 1, Close Up shot of Ada’s face. She rolling her eyes. No text

3. Same as 1. Message is from “InfantaRay” “Would you ever consider engaging in battle with a grown man dressed as a baby?”

4. Same as 2. Ada is grimacing in disgust

5. Same as 1. Message is from “ThePeacock99” “You know, you could be a formidable foe if you just lost 20 pounds. Women like you always end up converting to the good guys anyway, which is for the best since they don’t have a natural talent for evil like men do.

6. Near shot of Ada, her laptop closed. Full exasperated look. “Argh, where are the normal people on this site?”